Are humans able to find a sense of peace in a world without objective meaning? Part ridiculous vaudeville routine, part media-based information presentation and part audio/visual nightmare, SISYPHUS IN VIOLENT TORMENT is a surreal journey into the absurd.
Slapstick, chaotic and philosophical, the work attempts to expose the human pattern of investing feelings of hope or fear into non-physical ideas and ideologies. Such as individual belonging, religion, spirituality, myth, philosophy, art, nationalism, communication, identity, control/influence, astrology, science, technology and power.

By & with: Jahman Davine Dramaturgy: Laura Cancellieri Associate Direction/Choreography: Katia Giovo Sound Design: Andrew Stark Video Art: Alexander Windner Lieberman Videographer: Se├ín Gallen Yeti Costume: Mel Palmer Makeup: Annalena Schumacher Visiting Dramaturge/director: Michelle Myers Visiting Choreographer: Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen Featuring music by ODD XX

work-in-process performence at TATWERK in Berlin in 6.5.2016.

Premier at Acker Stadt Palast as part of the Performing Arts Festival Berlin
6.6.2018, 25.4.2019 & 26.4.2019